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Heidi Klum’s Tips on Dressing Up for Halloween: “Really Go For It!”

The supermodel has become known for her outrageous costumes and over-the-top annual Halloween bash, and now, Heidi Klum wants to help you get your costume ready. Heidi gives MSN.com the inside scoop on how to get sexy — and scary — for Halloween. For Heidi, the best Halloween costumes are the ones you can make yourself, counting Sexy Cat, Bumble Bee and Bride of Frankenstein among her favorites. “The amazing thing about creating your own costume is that you can be sure no one else has the same!” Heidi tells MSN.com. Heidi suggests that all you need is a leotard and fabric paint to make your own cat costume. “Buy a dog collar with a tag and put a fun message on it,” says Heidi, who wore a collar that read “If lost, please return to Seal,” when she was a cat in 2007. For a Bumble Bee costume, Heidi recommends pairing a black and yellow striped top with hot pants and tights. “Since you’re wearing tights, it’s okay to go super short on the hot pants! Add some super high heels,” Heidi instructs. Check out all ten of Heidi’s DIY Halloween costume ideas, including tips on how to be a Vampire, Angel, Wonder Woman and more at MSN.com. And be sure to check out all Heidi’s outrageous Halloween costumes here.

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Heidi is coming out with another line of clothing:


Heidi Klum may soon be giving the contestants on “Project Runway” a little competition.

The supermodel-turned-TV-star has teamed up with Modern Vintage and Majestic Mills co-founders Rick and Brian Cytrynbaum to create a pervasive lifestyle collection for the coming seasons.

The yet-to-be-named line is set to launch for fall ’10 with a selection of footwear, Rick Cytrynbaum told Footwear News in an exclusive interview. He said it will later branch out to include activewear, dresses and swimwear.

“[Heidi] has really established an amazing fashion direction,” Cytrynbaum said, noting that the supermodel has been instrumental in sketching and designing the line since its inception. “She’s amazing in what she does.”

Footwear is expected to make its debut at the February shoe shows with about 48 styles ranging from sky-high stilettos to tall boots. “It’s the whole 'Heidi’s closet' concept,” said Cytrynbaum, who is still working with the team to determine price points. “It’s feminine with a bit of a fashion and rock 'n' roll edge.”

Klum, who recently gave birth to daughter Lou, is also adding maternity clothing into the mix. That collection is set to hit stores in February.

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Heidi is scheduled to appear on Oprah this Thursday (29 October): (Y)

Thursday, 10/29/09

The Biggest Stars of Reality TV

Your favorite reality TV stars are here! Adam Lambert, Heidi Klum, Randy Jackson and more. Plus, a fierce half-off deal just for Oprah Show viewers!

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Really? I wonder if that's a new episode? Since she's had the Lou she's been MIA.

I think it's new. Christian Siriano posted this on his Twitter account:

"Yes, next Thursday 29th I will be showing my collection and chatting with Heidi On OPRAH yay im so excited for the show! you must watch"

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Heidi [email protected] New Taft diamond commercial

Making off

I see you were trying to post YouTube videos, but made a mistake. Here they are.

If the link is : http:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezi6Sbej60Q&feature=related

for this site, you only keep the code after ?v= and before any of these: &, which in this case is [ yt]Ezi6Sbej60Q[/yt ]


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