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Heidi Klum

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From The Sudbury Star (Canada):


In this space, we tell you how to get the look of someone on TV. It could be where a host shops for those snazzy ties, or what brand of must-have boots a character in a cop drama struts around in.

This week, Heidi Klum discusses her style. Let's be honest: Not too many people can look like her.

Most of us shouldn't leave the changing room in what she wears. With that caveat in mind, this is about how to achieve Klum's overall effect, but even she says the style she has on Lifetime's "Project Runway," Thursdays, takes a lot of work.

"I do like to be fashionable and go with the trend and wear the newest, coolest fun things that are still within my style," Klum says. "I go from color to print to sophisticated. I tend to wear a lot of short minidresses. I have a great stylist who helps me find great things. She comes to my house, and we do five hours of fittings. It is quite a production. It takes some time to figure out a whole season."

Klum keeps some of the fabulous clothes she wears, then has to contend with storing them.

"I have one big walk-in closet and I also have a closet of things I can't part with," she says. "All of my shoes and beautiful handbags and evening bags and coats."

Klum's best advice as to how to look like a model is, "People should feel comfortable -not in terms of sweats comfortable," she says. "I feel like a lot of people tend to buy the same thing, over and over in different colors. Try to really step outside of your comfort zone."

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Looks like the birth is getting close:

Pregnant Klum Skips New York Fashion Week

Pregnant Heidi Klum has pulled out of an appearance at designer Ann Taylor's collection preview at New York Fashion Week on Thursday night because she could go into labor at any moment.

The German supermodel was recently unveiled as the new face of Taylor's clothing label, but she will be putting her feet up in Los Angeles, awaiting the imminent arrival of her third child with singer husband Seal, instead of attending the Big Apple fashion show.

A representative for Taylor tells the New York Post's gossip column Page Six, "(Klum) won't be able to make it to the show because she is due any day now."

The baby will be Klum's fourth. She is mom to daughter Leni, 5, from a previous relationship, in addition to sons Henry, 4, and Johan 2.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/dailyd...6#ixzz0RPeZj3RS

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Old news, but from heidiklum.com

Limited Edition -Couture Banquet- Puzzle

Editions Ricordi has teamed with one of my favorite photographers, Ruven Afanador, to create a limited edition jigsaw puzzle from one of the photos we shot together. This -Couture Banquet- puzzle is quite a collector's piece, as only 1,000 are being manufactured. Each is presented in a hand made wood box and are signed by Ruven. Some of the proceeds will benefit the AMREF Organization in building schools in Kenya. You can pre-order this puzzle at http://www.editionsricordi.com/drupal/node/1459

Editions Ricordi is proud to invite all the fans of award winning fashion and celebrity photographer Ruven Afanador to experience his extraordinary art in an unique and playful way: by assembling a jigsaw puzzle, and thus retracing piece by piece the composition of a magnificent image starring top-model Heidi Klum.

Ruven Afanador, the Colombian photographer with the most international success and recognition for his outstanding conceptual photography, started his career in Milan in 1987. After building an impressive portfolio he won the award for Best photographer of the Year, (Paris 2001) for his unique mastery of imagery and composition. He has been publishing and showcasing his artwork in major fashion magazines, galleries and museums throughout the world such as Throckmorton Fine Art, Forma and FotoMuseo. Moreover, he is the author of the precious art books Torero (Stemmle 2001), Sombra (Merrell 2004), Seven (Fuzzi 2006) and Mil Besos- to be published in October 2009 by Rizzoli Int. Along with his exceptional achievements supported by visual media like magazine editorials, books and exhibitions, Ruven Afanador opens up now a new amusing way of approaching his art- by the tactile experience of composing his image in a jigsaw puzzle.

The image called Couture Banquet originates from a Vogue Spain issue and exhibits an opulent scenery of lusciousness, conjuring up the flamboyant ambiance of a rich courtly feast. Elements such as the skull and the eggs on the background unleash the symbolic power of a ritual ceremony. Amid an explosion of colors there is an alluring Heidi Klum who displays her great talent for mutability by condensing multiple archetypes of femininity- as moody mistress, seductive vamp and modern witch. The magic and the mystery of the woman, bound in an eccentric outer world, has been a main topic of Ruven Afanador's photography art and gains extra power through the surreal dimension of the puzzle.

The puzzle is a limited edition of only 1000 masterpieces, each numbered and signed personally by Ruven Afanador. The puzzle is wrapped up in an delicate silk bag and packed in a luxurious hand-made wooden box with a red velvet interior. The image is magnified by the large format of the ready puzzle: cm 70x100 (24x36 inch) , apt to be framed, with jumbo size pieces and printed on high-quality art paper with a velvet back side, enhanced by the golden glitter dust which covers gently Heidi Klum's splendid dress.

The puzzle will be presented at a special event in Milan in October with the kind participation of Ruven Afanador.

Retail price is 350,-Euro; USD 490$; available now for pre-booking at [email protected], on sale from October 2009 in exclusive stores worldwide and through the website www.editionsricordi.com.

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Project Runway: The Design Is In The News

September 17, 2009 09:01:24 by DA Southern

Project Runway gives us one of the best challenges ever that will drive several to the brink, even making Host, Heidi Klum, drop her jaw in amazement when one designer pushes the limits with a little white lie. With all the talk of newsprint being dead, many may find themselves rethinking that whole concept after this episode of Project Runway.

Host, Heidi Klum, met the designers for their next challenge and told Althea that she had immunity and sent them off to see Tim Gunn. Tim met the designers and they arrived at the Los Angeles Times building where they were told that they met Booth Moore, the fashion critic for the Los Angeles times, who told them were using old newspapers for their designs.

The designers all looked goofy dragging around a sack of newspapers and were herded back to the studio where Tim gave a history of clothes made out of paper and…wait, I drifted off there for a minute. The designers all seemed to have a deer-in-the-headlight look as they all tried to put together some cohesive idea for a design.

Johnny, who was in the bottom three last week, was determined to go back there again as he did this awful looking dress that looked like he just threw some paper on a manikin and painted it. Of course, we had running commentary from Nicolas, who always thinks the other designers are just background fodder for his eventual win. Well, at least you have to give him kudos for being confident.

With six hours left, Tim was in to look at the designs. Gordana was first savaged by Tim, as her design was called “Ho-hum”; Tim said that Johnny’s design looked like a bunch of kindergarteners did it and that it was a “Craft project gone awry”, officially the best line of the night so far; Nicolas seemed to be on the right track, according to Tim; Christopher’s design was praised by Tim. Tim then said that he was inspired by the some of the designs and sent the models in to be fitted.

The models were in and the main concern by many of the designers would be the movement factor. Irina summed it up best when she said that the models were not manikins and that the strutting down the runway and the ripping factor of the paper would be an issue.

Day of the Runway Show

The guys were dissing Johnny’s design and the girls were actually being kind as they talked about some of the designs they liked. Tim arrived and said they had two hours to get ready for the show. Gordana’s dress was really pretty as she prepped it and some of the other designs actually looked like they might be successful.

Heidi greeted the designers, restated the challenge and introduced guest judges Eva Longoria Parker, Zoe Glassner and Tommy Hilfiger and started the show. Admittedly, many of the designs looked better than they did in the design room and Heidi called out several of the designers telling them that they were good enough to go forward. It is kind of too bad when the designers in the middle get no feedback but I am sure they were relieved not to have to explain why their design was the way it was.

The designers were then told they were the best and the worse of the lot and each had to explain their designs. Althea was first and her design was really well received by the judges; Gordana’s design was called real looking, which was bad, I guess; Irina’s trench coat was very well received especially by Hilfiger; Johnny ’s design was savaged and it looks like he is headed home; Nicolas, after throwing Johnny under the bus, was savaged by the judges and he might go home instead and Christopher’s dress was called sexy and glamorous by the judges.

The judges loved Christopher, Althea and Irina’s design the best and our boys, Nicolas and Johnny were in the bottom and Gordana was called boring and safe and the way Tommy Hilfiger was talking, he was saying Johnny would “Get it together.” Oh my, Nicolas is so going home unless Gordana’s boring design sends her packing.

Heidi announced that Althea was in and sent her to safety and then announced that Irina’s coat was the winner. She then announced Christopher and Gordana as safe, leaving us with Nicolas and Johnny. Nicolas escaped, barely, and Johnny was sent to clean up his work area and Tim then told the remaining designers that he was shocked that Johnny lied as he did on the runway. Oh man, you don’t want Tim Gunn mad at you.


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Heidi Klum: Pre-Emmy Pregnant Partier

Friday, September 18, 2009 (by http://www.celebrity-gossip.net)

It’s almost time for the Prime Time Emmy Awards, and last night (September 17) Heidi Klum was spotted gearing up at a pre-Emmy party.

The “Project Runway” babe looked pretty and preggers as she arrived at a private Bel Air residence for all the festivities, sporting a sexy black maternity dress with matching heels.

And while she’s usually a fixture at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, this year Heidi elected to stay on the West Coast for fear that she may go into labor while out in the Big Apple.

A source told press, “(Klum) won’t be able to make it to the show because she is due any day now,” referring to the Ann Taylor preview show.

post-30396-0-1446063182-2554_thumb.jpg post-30396-0-1446063182-29215_thumb.jpg post-30396-0-1446063182-3444_thumb.jpg post-30396-0-1446063182-42532_thumb.jpg post-30396-0-1446063182-46141_thumb.jpg

post-30396-0-1446063182-49038_thumb.jpg post-30396-0-1446063182-5334_thumb.jpg post-30396-0-1446063182-55945_thumb.jpg post-30396-0-1446063182-57793_thumb.jpg 7321a349250043.gif post-30396-0-1446063182-63386_thumb.jpg post-30396-0-1446063182-69479_thumb.jpg post-30396-0-1446063182-72742_thumb.jpg

Heidi looks amazing!!!

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From Access Hollywood:



Glam Slam: My Night With Heidi Klum

LOS ANGELES, Calif. --

“I don’t know… do I really wanna be in a photo with Heidi Klum? Am I crazy?” I asked the gorgeous model last night, as we took some photos together at an event in her honor.

She laughed and said “Don’t be silly, get over here!” making me feel comfortable (if not entirely confident!) about being in the same frame as one of the most beautiful people on the planet. I must be one brave chick! Ha ha!

It’s a cliché, but what can I say, Heidi is truly radiant. She’s due in October and I give her props for not only being out at night, but also looking pretty fabulous doing it. She rocked sky high Christian Louboutin heels and a sexy black formfitting gown by L’Agence, accessorized with sparkly earrings.

The last time I saw Heidi was at a dinner party in January the night before I was due with my baby girl. We share the same pediatrician and we mostly talked about kids and babies and being a mom and having more children. (Heidi is expecting her fourth!)

She was the guest of honor at a party celebrating both her cover for Los Angeles Confidential Magazine and the Emmys this weekend. She’s nominated for host of “Project Runway” and the show is nominated for Best Reality Competition Program as well. Heidi is also an Executive Producer on the show, as is Desiree Gruber who was at the event with Heidi.

The event was held at an estate overlooking the Bel-Air Country Club golf course. The tennis court was turned into a mobile “Pure” Nightclub complete with DJ and bar serving sour apple martinis. Spring rolls, oysters and lamb chops were served.

Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier and BCBG’s Max Azria were also at the party and I heard that Debra Messing was there… but I never saw her.

We were escorted to “Heidi’s VIP Gazebo,” which was an outdoor pavilion loaded with Sprinkles Cupcakes all done in pink. The “Sprinkles Truck” was also on location and we got cupcakes to go when we hit the valet to leave. Sweet!

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