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Ethnic Beauty


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I wasn’t planning on starting this competition until after I finished with my last competition, but I’m just going to go for it now. Anyways, I’d like to do a competition that focuses on ethnic beauty. I’ve decided to split this up into 2 stages. In the first stage, people can vote from 1-10 based on the person’s face. I was also thinking of adding other categories like eyes, nose, mouth, natural beauty, etc., but I’m not sure if I will actually do that so please let me know if you want to vote on multiple categories or just the face. I will average the votes for each person to give them a final score. At the end of the individual round, the 32 with the highest averages will move on to the group stage (which is basically the same as what happened in my other competition).

I will take a minimum of 32 nominations, and you can nominate models, actresses, or singers. When you nominate someone, please send 4 pictures.

I'll post the list of nominations below.

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1. Meisa Kuroki

2. Kerry Washington

3. Ziyi Zhang

4. Deepika Padukone

5. Frieda Pinto

6. Halle Berry

7. Emanuela De Paula

8. Mylene Jampanoi

9. Noemie Lenoir

10. Iman (nominated by COP11)

11. Naomi Campbell (nominated by COP11)

12. Fan Bingbing (nominated by COP11)

13. Li Bingbing (nominated by COP11)

15. Asin Thottumkal (nominated by COP11)

16. Salma Hayek (nominated by COP11)

17. Chiaki Kuriyama (nominated by COP11)

18. Kim So Eun (nominated by COP11)

19. Han Chae Young (nominated by COP11)

20. Choi Ji Woo (nominated by COP11)

21. Kim Tae Hee (nominated by COP11)

22. Zhou Xun (nominated by COP11)

23. Alyssah Ali (nominated by vanessaaa)

24. Aishwarya Rai

25. Shay Mitchell (nominated by vanessaaa)

26. Nicole Scherzinger (nominated by vanessaaa)

27. Beyonce (nominated by sagitario)

28. Jennifer Lopez (nominated by sagitario)

29. Kristin Kreuk (nominated by Theron)

30. Qi Shu (nominated by by Theron)

31. Maggie Cheung (nominated by COP11)

32. Ninet Tayeb (nominated by NYBella)

33. Stacey Dash (nominated by NYBella)

34. Haifa Wehbe (nominated by NYBella)

35. Maya Nasri (nominated by NYBella)

36. Mozhdah (nominated by NYBella)

37. Victoria Justice (nominated by vanessaaa)

38. Liya Kebede

39. Gracie Carvalho (nominated by vanessaaa)

40. Paula Patton

41. Shakira (nominated by sagitario)

42. Shanina Shaik (nominated by vanessaaa)

43. Jessica Lucas

44. Jessica White

45. Nataniele Ribiero (nominated by vanessaaa)

46. Amina Kaddur (nominated by nathali=)

47. Mayra Suarez (nominated by NYBella)

48. Carmen Solomons (nominated by nathali=)

49. Anais Mali

50. Liu Wen

51. Du Juan (nominated by azure)

52. Joan Smalls (nominated by azure)

53. Alek Wek (nominated by azure)

54. Samantha Harris (nominated by azure)

55. Gong Li (nominated by azure)

56. Bruna Tenorio (nominated by azure)

57. Devon Aoki (nominated by azure)

58. Chrishell Stubbs (nominated by azure)

59. K.D. Aubert

60. Denise Vasi

62. Oluchi Onweagba

63. Gabrielle Union

64. Yasmin Warsame

65. Gemma Chan (nominated by Michael*)

66. Jameela Jamil (nominated by Michael*)

67. Selita Ebanks

68. Jamie Chung (nominated by vanessaaa)

69. Thandie Newton

70. Sydney Tamiia Poitier

71. Juana Burga

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carmen solomons

megan fox

can we nominate only mixed heritage people or also people common known as having only one ethnicity ?

also photos of face and body or just one of them?

You can nominate people who are mixed heritage (ie Mylene Jampanoi) or one.

You just need pictures of their faces.

Also, is Megan Fox really mixed? I've read a couple places that she is, but I'm not sure.

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