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yeah for the guys,Aranka :shifty:

A gender does not have to define preference

And besides, even as a heterosexual girl I could enjoy the esthetics of a beautifull female

I think you took her post way too seriously.... I guess she meant she wishes for a new BZ member that would be interested in male models (just like her) to conribute to threads of male models section (as they are less popular).

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Ah...they are not that popular ??

That's too bad....never looked there myself much so I wouldn't know. Don't know but male models usually do not do it for me. They seem too arrogant or sure of themselves and then you have models who look almost like girls which I don't like either.

An actor which I do like a lot was the one who played Hector in the film Troy.

This may sound strange but the most attractive guy I've ever seen is actually a game character. Geralt of Rivia just has it all for me. Alas, I seem to believe too much in fairy tales and nonsense like that.

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