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  1. really great pictures, great shoot. she looks very stunning here.
  2. actually he turned 33 already
  3. i wish we would get to see this movie one day.
  4. she looks absolutely stunning in this shoot. i love it!
  5. I would also like to read that interview. she looks super stunning in those pictures. Would be really great if someone is able to get this interview.
  6. love those pictures and can´t wait to see the movie!
  7. thanks for the new pictures. she is very pretty. i like her looks.
  8. I like the Elias Tahan shoot. thanks for the pictures
  9. for some reason, the whole series is cast with very good looking people. no matter if the guys or the girls, but all people in the Vampire Diaries look really good.
  10. he really does have a very nice body
  11. very nice picture. just imagine how young he was there.
  12. i love his smile in the last one!
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