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  1. Hey, how is everybody? Any old pals still around? Long time no c'... The forum has changed a lot! Cheers!
  2. Here we will post mens clothing brands.Please provide a link if you post.
  3. {name}

    Thor Bulow

    Height: 6'2 Waist: 32 Inseam: 32 Suit: 40 Shirt: 15.5 Shoe: 10 Hair: Blonde Eyes:Blue Agencies: SoulArtist NY Ford Europe
  4. {name}

    Dave Franco

    Born: June 12, 1985 ,Palo Alto, California WIKI IMDB
  5. {name}

    Catalog Models List

    Since so many people are looking for male model ,seen in clothing websites catalogs,i thought lets make A-Z of the models and the catalogs! i dont know most of theyre names,so if someone know them-plase share Catalogs list Page 1 ASOS BONPRIX BAUR BLOOMINGDALES BERGDORF GOODMAN 3SUISSES ARMANI EXCHANGE BROOKS BROTHERS ELLOS FREEMANS GILT FOREVER 21 H&M JCREW LORD AND TAYLOR LITTLEWOODS (VERY) LA REDOUTE LOUIS SAYN (PETER HAHN) IDEELI Page 2 MACY'S Marks & Spencer NEIMAN MARKUS GAP NELLY NECKERMANN NEXT OTTO PETER HAHN Saks Fifth Avenue Page 3 BuyVIP Bonobos Page 4 Tom Tailor Page 5 UnderGear Page 6 Lacoste Page 7 Hugo Boss Page 9 Revolve Clothing MensUnderwearStore.com
  6. {name}

    Steven Chevrin

    Place of Origin: France Height: 182 Waist: 78 Hips: 95 Chest: 95 Inseam: 89 Shoes: 45 Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown Agencies: SoulArtist NY New Madison Paris Uno Barcelona http://vimeo.com/42997558
  7. {name}

    Nick Bateman

    Hometown:Burlington, ON, Canada height 6' 2" shirt16 suit 42 waist 32 inseam 34 shoe11 hair brown eyes brown Agencies: Wilhelmina IMDB Twitter Official Website Facebook Fanpage
  8. {name}

    Stephen Amell

    Born: May 8, 1981 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada IMDB Official Fanpage
  9. {name}

    Samuel Trepanier

    Place of Origin: Quebec,Canada Age:24 Height: 6'1" Bust: 38 Waist: 30 Hips: 36 Shoes: 10 - 11 Hair: light brown Eyes: green Agencies: Fashion Milano View Management Barcelona Models1 London PMA Hamburg Nathalie Paris Cape Town Models Wilhelmina NY SamuelTrepanier.com
  10. {name}

    "What Makes Us Click" Candid ID

    Matt Egan
  11. {name}

    Emilio Flores

    Height: 6.1 Waist: 30 Bust: 37.5 Shoes: 12 Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Agencies: Fashion model New York Soul Artist Barcelona Traffic Models PMA
  12. {name}

    Benoit Marechal

    height 181 suite size 48 waist 81 collar 39 shoes 43 hair blond eyes blue Personal Website Agencies: Next London Sight Barcelona Mega Model Hamburg Ace models Greece Nathalie Paris
  13. {name}

    Pedro Soltz

    Hair Brown Eyes Green Height 185cm/6'1" Chest 99cm/39" Waist 87cm/34.5" Shoes 43 EU/9.5 US/9 UK Agencies: Angels & Demons AMT models Kult MC2 Immbruxelles Francina
  14. i am thinking/wondering...why isnt ''zefreakin'' ILUVAdrianaLima answering his bloody hangouts? ^_^
  15. {name}

    Douglas Booth

    Country of origin: United Kingdom Born 1992 half Spanish,Dutch,English IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3150488/ GQ Style UK - Fall / Winter 2010
  16. {name}

    Jakub Zelman

    Height: 6'2' Waist: 32 Bust: 38 1/2 Hips: 36 1/2 Inseam: 34 Suit: 40L Shoes: 12 Shirt: 15 Eyes: Green Hair: Brown Age|22 Hometown|Bratislava, Slovakia Agencies: * London Premier MM * Paris Ford Europe * Milan Why Not * Hamburg m4 models * New York Soul Artist
  17. {name}

    Chad Pinther

    Place of Origin: Denver,Colorado Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown Height: 188 Waist: 81 Hips: 100 Chest: 100 Shoes: 44 Agencies: Max Talent PMA Wiener SMG Modellink Gothenburg I Model Canada NoLogo Milan Stars
  18. {name}

    Paul Sculfor

    HEIGHT 184 - 6' 0.5" BUST 102 - 40" WAIST 84 - 33" SHOE SIZE 44,5 - 11 HAIR COLOR BROWN EYE COLOR BLUE Agencies New York Ford Los Angeles LA Models London Storm Milan Why Not Vienna Next Company Select London Heffner Seattle
  19. Country of origin: Australia Height 188 CHest 102 Waist 84 Suit 40L Collar 41 Shoe 47 Hair Brown Eyes Blue/Grey Agency: Vivien Australia Red Citizen Premier TWINS ZACH AND JORDAN STENMARK by JAMES DEMITRI yvy
  20. {name}

    Sergio Carvajal

    Place of Origin: Tarragona, Spain Hair: brown Eyes: brown Height: 5' 9" Bust: 35 Waist: 31 Shoes: 8/12; - 9 Agencies: Sight Barcelona New York models NY Angels & Demons Paris
  21. {name}

    Elia Cometti

    Height: 189 Waist: 81 Chest: 94 Trousers: 32 Shoes: 11/44 Suit: 48 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Agencies: Traffic models d'management Nest Kult VNY
  22. {name}

    Daniel Bederov

    Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel Height: 184cm Suit: 38 Shirt :15 Inseam: 33 Waist: 31 Shoe: 10 Place of Origin: St Petersburg, Russia Date of Birth: January 6 Agencies: Dulcedo Model Nevs London NY: New York Model Copenhagen: Scoop Models Toronto: Elmer Olsen Model Modelwerk Hamburg Modellink Gothenburg
  23. {name}

    Patrick Rukai

    Counrty of Origin: Albania Height 188 Waist 81 Shoes 45 Hair dark brown Eyes hazel Agencies * Paris Bananas * Hamburg PMA * New York Soul Artist * D'men Milano
  24. Nrdock?? U alive??

    1. ILUVAdrianaLima

      Yes, I'm still kicking :D

    2. liika


      PHEW !fanks gosh! havent seen u in ages,thought something bad happened :dead_horse:

    3. ILUVAdrianaLima

      Nope, all is well here :D