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ASOS Model ID Thread

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On 4/5/2018 at 2:38 PM, Isseyriot said:

I鈥檝e gone through all 37 pages and have checked the ones already id鈥檈d on the other thread. Nothing on this one. Madness. Can someone P L E A S E help me?聽

34FE53FC-BC0A-44A9-BF05-44CCD4CA6723.png CC315D11-4E12-44FC-AC29-E182E4B06973.png 642CFA99-667D-4FAD-B1E6-47013FD199D2.png E7AEFC9F-BA79-4166-B810-C3F5E758C9B1.png 553DCEFA-0278-4B74-A1DB-7012945660C5.jpeg 29378FCE-AF3D-47FE-972E-99446180D0A7.png 823643C4-9E08-42D3-B41E-20A9DE169ED8.jpeg 41350430-A78E-4B29-834F-1DA94818A75D.png


Thank you in advance!

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On 9/27/2018 at 9:44 AM, modellover3 said:

Anyone know who this petite model is?

Sk忙rmbillede 2018-09-27 kl. 08.42.46.png

Up! 鈩1 from my previous post. Information - Her height is 160 cm, she has a tattoo on her left arm. She looks like a Joanna Cooper. But this is not Joanna Cooper.

Thank you in advance!

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