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  1. I believe this is Jia Tong https://www.musenyc.com/talent/jia-tong
  2. After a little research and looking at a number of images of this model, I believe she is Fenja Schulze.
  3. The photographer is Ralph Cornesse, and his website is www.contrastwerkstatt.de Not sure if that helps but it's a place to start.
  4. Does anyone recognize this Oysho model? Thanks for looking.
  5. You may have more luck if you post this second model as a new ID request. Mention that it's US Vogue and the year of publication.
  6. I looked on the IG's and websites of the production company, the director, ad agency and found nothing. I was wondering if anyone here might see this pics and recognize her. Thanks for looking. She also appears in this ad at 0:49 as "Annie" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PEC6g1LIMY
  7. @RobertCFTo tag someone in a reply, so that they get a notification, type "@" then the member's name. You'll see a list of names at first and eventually the one you want. Click that and it gets embedded in the message.
  8. Goodness that was quick. Thank you so much! @kimflorida
  9. Might anyone be able to tell me who this is? Saw her today on the Tommy Hilfiger webstore. Thanks for looking.
  10. I just thought it might help for future searches. Happy to help.
  11. From the Evolve Fitwear site. Under 'Details' Her name is Katelyn Brandon https://evolvefitwear.com/flat-high-neck-bra
  12. Where did the pictures for #1 come from. I couldn't find the brand with a reverse image search.
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