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  1. Freckled Beauty (IG)

    Celine Badman
  2. Free People model ID

    Goodness, that was quick! Thank you!
  3. Free People model ID

    If someone could tell who this Free People model iis?
  4. Urban Outfitters model ID

    You're right, I didn't look close enough. Quite similar though, in that second picture. Could have been CC two years ago.
  5. Urban Outfitters model ID

    Camilla Christensen.. I think. 90%
  6. Model for American Giant Tee Shirts

    That was quick. Thank you!
  7. Model for American Giant Tee Shirts

    Can anyone tell me who this model is please?
  8. Catalog Model List Request

    I second that. There are a couple of models that i'd really like to ID
  9. San Lorenzo bikini models

    First one is Julia Friedman. Article on the SLB blog. http://www.sanlorenzobikinis.com/blog/?p=3291
  10. 14 Unknown Models

    #11. mathilde gøhler jensen
  11. Redhead lingerie girl

    Mayara Degasperi, I think. Lumina mgmt Brazil.
  12. 14 Unknown Models

    #5 Scarlett Leithold
  13. Can anyone ID her?

    Lol. I just right clicked the picture and did a google search from there.
  14. Marie Claire 2002

    Jodie Kidd, I believe.. I found a gallery of her pictures, some from this series. The copy said it was her.
  15. Can anyone ID her?

    Rachel Emily Nichols