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  1. Sorry this comes so late, but thank you for the ID!
  2. It's only one image, but the eye misalignment makes me think it might be Emily? They're SO similar though, this one could easily drive me a little screen loopy.
  3. This might be a lead. From the first lines of the IG post, it says her name is Svetlana. " And we have news from the showroom BRASHP in Kazan. Our Svetlana is in place and has already managed to make happy several clients, having picked up comfortable and beautiful lingerie." EDIT TO ADD: Sorry, Svetlana Koltunova is the model in the IG video above, but not the original model requested.
  4. You can do a site specific search using the following inquiry eg. "Russian Lingerie Model site:bellazon.com" Without the quotes, without spaces around the colon, drop that into a Google search and you'll only get BZ results. Obviously, you'll need to play with the search string itself, but if this model has been ID'd here, you might see her picture in the image results
  5. kayleekay1912


    I think she was previously ID'd as Morgan Sonnendecker https://www.instagram.com/morgansonnendecker
  6. From what I've been able to translate from the Brashop posts, Oksana Parshutkina is the designer/consultant for that company. Not the model, unfortunately, though it might be a coincidence they are named the same. Searches for that name though, or Оксана Паршуткина, as I believe it is in Russian might bring up a few leads.
  7. I believe she is Rachel Reed. I got a 4 mole match and a tag on the Toxic Sadie instagram feed. https://www.instagram.com/rachelreed__/ Also saw her on Kohls, Ivory Ella, Deramores, Zalando
  8. Nicely done @kimflorida Another case closed.
  9. She's all over the George at Asda instagram feed, so she might be tagged in some pictures there, or someone may have asked the same question in the comments. https://www.instagram.com/georgeatasda/
  10. She's Anni Haase https://www.instagram.com/annihaase/ "He and costar Anni Haase headed down to Tepoztlán, Mexico — "which was beautiful," he says — to tell a dreamy story of two lovers, a dog, and a curtain that eventually catches fire. " Teen Vogue, Nov. 6 2018
  11. @bhuvi roy #4 is Louise Marechal for Olly Lingerie
  12. @richie827 Anne Serra she’s a French actress and model. https://www.instagram.com/annesserra
  13. I believe this is Jia Tong https://www.musenyc.com/talent/jia-tong
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