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  1. Oralia Cortes https://www.instagram.com/oralialc/
  2. @Cowboys1274 You've made my day. Thank you!
  3. Could use some help identifying this Kiabi lookbook model from last year . Thanks for looking.
  4. I'm sure I know this one but my memory's failed me today. Thanks for taking a look.
  5. Looks a lot like Asya Rosh https://www.instagram.com/asya.rosh
  6. Also, if you look through other images from that contributor, "Cavan" you'll see that this model has been used several times in other series. You can filter the search results on the Dissolve website to reduce the number of non-relevant images.
  7. Looked at so many pictires from this event, it feels as if I were there.ID'd all the models BUT this one. Still looking.
  8. London Drake (as listed in the model info on the RD website) https://www.mpmanagement.com/atlanta/women/new-gen/london-drake Hannah Sluss http://www.wilhelmina.com/talent/hannah-sluss
  9. During my search to ID a different model, I found this one on the French Connection website. I wonder if anyone recognizes her? Thank you!
  10. Thank you! I was so hoping someone would ID her. She's lovely.
  11. {name}

    Balkan Bet

    is #34 perhaps Rebeca Campelo? I found this image at it looked like a match to me.
  12. I think it's a stock photo. I de-skewed your picture and did an image search. I found it used on a few websites. Perhaps the full image will jog someones memory though.
  13. {name}

    Balkan Bet

    I looks like digital versions of this magazine are available to read on Issu.com the link is https://issuu.com/neobet I don't know if the cover girls are listed though.
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