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All of you guys are so awesome and I love you all in a very hyper-sexual and un-platonic way. :laugh::grouphug:

LMS: You be the shit, mama!

Baron: That was obnoxiously sweet of you and I'm gonna save that little certificate because I'm a sad lonely little girl who needs all the love she can get.

Vanessaaa: That gif made me crack up so hard, you have no idea.

Michael*: Always nice to see you come over to my milestone posts and be a sweetie!

Joe: You are fab and your message here brought a big smile to my face, along with Ana... because she's my favorite. :wub:

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Oh Limer, sweetie, you know you're the only man I want... ALTHOUGH YOU CHEAT ON ME ALL THE DAMN TIME ANYWAY WHILE I SLAVE AWAY AND TRY TO MAKE YOU HAPPY! :persuazn:

And thank you Layla for stopping by and giving the congratulations and the pretty flower to boot. :hug:

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