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Hello Everybody!

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I'm Chris from Wroclaw in Poland, I'm 23. I'm a member of few fashion forums: WFT, the new WFT, FMD, tFS, bwgreyscale, so I sometimes have no time to post everywhere. I study architecture and I like it. My hobbies are fashion models :laugh: sports: basketball, football, martial arts, dirt speedway; history, geography, photography, music: progressive rock and progressive death metal :) I speak english a bit and sometimes german. I'm proud that I can speak very difficult language: polish :laugh:

Once again hello everybody :wave:

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and for the record poland is a great country (Y) and yes the language is imposibly hard <_<


...but the women are beautiful, right? ;)

By the way, maddog107, you should come to Lodz again ;)

Oh yeah, and welcome, Chris! Siemano.

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