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Simona Stoyanova

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She's totally stunning in my opinon ...

Simona2.jpg . Simona Stoyanova @ Ivet Fashion in Bulgaria, Major in NYC, Nathalie in Paris, Profile in London & Why Not in Milan. . About Simona: She comes from Bulgaria, is 19 years old. She has a height of 179cm and measurements of 82-60-90. Simona has been already on the cover of Amica magazine. See more of Simona here.


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I did a very detailed Interview with Simona. She is a cool person , open minded and lovely to talk to. I post including new Pictures of Simona.

Everything can be found here http://modelsandstyle.wordpress.com/2010/1...mona-stoyanova/ :drool:

Hey Simona! What have you done today?

Today I did three castings and then a Max Mara presentation in the afternoon. After that I did some grocery shopping and came home.

How many girls are living in your flat in Milan?

Right now we are 8, and the capacity of the apartment is 9. It doesn’t feel packed because we have 3 rooms with 3 bathrooms and luckily we are all friends and we live like a big family.

How do you spend the weekends?

During the weekends I try to catch up on my sleep, maybe go shopping, go for a long walk around Duomo or some other nice area (depending on the city I’m at). Some weekends I fly home to Bulgaria to visit my family and get a bit of rest.

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