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Peggy Moffitt


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Peggy Moffitt (born in California in 1939), is best known as the premier model and muse for the late fashion designer Rudi Gernreich. Though her unique look has now become iconic of the 60s fashion scene, Peggy started out pursuing a career in film, debuting in the 1955's You're Never Too Young.


Her work with Gernreich, and entrance into the 60s fashion scene came along in 1958 when she began a romantic affair with photographer William Claxton. Claxton had been involved with Gernreich since 1956, photographing his designs. By 1962 (two years after Moffitt and Claxton had wed), Peggy began work as a model for Gernreich.

As she began modeling for Gernreich, her signature image began to evolve. She wore false eyelashes and heavy eye makeup, drawing on not only current trends but Japanese Kabuki theater. Her hairstyle, a modified bowl cut became known as the "five point".

The trio remained under the radar until 1964, when Gernreich designed his notorious topless bathing suit, dubbed the "monokini". The bold design catapulted both Gernreich and Moffitt to stardom, as Moffitt was one of the few models bold enough at the time to model it. The two soon became more than just designer and model. Moffitt became a muse to Gernreich, and later on, a collaborator as well.

Though her film career was no more, a film entitled Who Are You, Polly Magoo? was released in which she appeared.

Though Gernreich died in 1985, Moffitt held the trademark on his name and designs, and has since then used this to further popularize the works of Gernreich. In 1999 she allowed for his designs to be put on display in an art exhibition. Within the same year Moffitt also worked with Marylou Luther and Claxton to release a comprehensive book chronicling the designs of Gernreich.

This resurgence in interest of both Gernreich and Moffitt led to a contract with Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons designer Rei Kawakubo to re-create a number of Gernreich's designs and make them available to the retail market. Together the duo went over the Gernreich archives and selected key pieces to be re-released under the Comme des Garçons label. In 2003 the "*moffit" line was finally released, as a series of t-shirts depicting Moffit's image, as well as a range of trousers.









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