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Daphne Guinness

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"The Real Daphne Guinness"

Harper's Bazaar March 2011

Photographer: David Bailey

Source: sister-d @ bwgreyscale

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In the digital age the link between fashion and film has never been stronger: talents move from the art house screen to the editorial page on a daily basis and the influx of creativity is changing both mediums. Director Joe Lally takes the symbiotic relationship a step further, casting male models Tyson Ballou, Michael Brager, Charles Devoe , Cory Bond, Travis Hanson, alongside fashion legend Daphne Guinness in his film, The Black and White Maze of the Painted Zebra.

Exploring the illusion of reality and the trappings of fame, the film offers a subversive look at the the current fixation with celebrity and the limits of reality. MDC talked to the film’s star Daphne Guinness, about the role of the moving image in the world of fashion, how it felt to be in front of the camera and what it will be like to get ready in the window of Barneys this afternoon.

MDC: One of Zebra’s themes deals with the trapping of celebrity life, how did that topic resonate with you on a personal level?

Daphne: The idea of your mistakes and vulnerabilities being public, and the public only knowing one aspect of your personality when your real life is falling apart bit by bit.

MDC: As a filmmaker yourself, what was it like to be in front of the camera for this project?

Daphne: Love any part of the processes. When the process stops I will be dead. I perceive life to be a process and this is the path I have chosen.

MDC: What do you feel the role of film is within fashion right now? How do you think that role has changed in the past few years?

Daphne: Fashion has only just realized that it can use film as a medium. In the days of the studio, the clothes were an integral part of the story, now much of the time it is an add on but I feel that clothes are just as much a part of the narrative.

MDC: How do you feel about your window dressing moment at Barneys today?

Daphne: I am terrified!!



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The EnchantressDaphne Guinness stars in Markus + Indrani’s fantastical story shot for the winter issue of Muse Magazine. Outfitted by GK Reid, Daphne wears dramatic metallic pieces matched with elegant head-wear. Whether on the water or posing indoors, the heiress brings her own flair to the stunning creations.

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Harper’s Bazaar China December 2012 : Daphne Guinness by David LaChapelle


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