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No, because more often than not I only find them during New Years. Most of the time they have yellow liquids in them. YUMMY! :9

Have you ever forged your parent's signature/s for your own evil purposes?

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close but no cigar, though I'd like to hear from someone who had. My ex got hit on by another hot chic once. Damn I wish she went with the flow <_<

Have you ever used an ouija board before?

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Yes. My teacher never liked me and she came in one day all angry and started moving people at random. She moved me and my friend to different ends of the room, so being the smart arse little brat that I was, I said: "What's with you today? Are you having your period or something?", to which she replied "I beg your pardon what did you say?" "You heard me b'tch!" I replied... :o

There was also another incident where one of our classes made a male teacher cry... :shifty: We were brats...

Have you ever made a person that felt sad feel even more miserable?

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indeed. I believe the course I do at uni will provide me with enough background and theory for me to become a pro inthe business, possibly the best ;)

Have you ever liked a person that treated you badly?

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