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Camille Rowe


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On 04/10/2016 at 2:45 PM, Glitter92 said:

And here is Camille on french tv but i actually didnt get nothing. I can't speak french :sad: Anyone that can help?


First the guy says that many might not know her name, but they certainely have seen  her lovely face, since she’s done a lot of editorials. After that he said that we saw her in a ad with Robert Patterson and he ask her if he bites? You say that the ad director was asking Patterson to act agressive for the kiss scene. She says that he bite her a litte.

Interviewer :You’re the most sought after French lady. Camille :Thanks

That most leave you with a strange feeling, since it wasn’t your little girl dream.

C : No, not at all. I started kind of late, I was 19 while studying cinema at university in the US. My agent found me in a coffee shop and asked me who represented me. I said that I represente myself. So yeah it kind of started like that, a little late. I’m kind of small also.

I : You’re 1,70m. C : Yes I’m 1,70 (5’6’’-5’7’’)

I : You’re not that small. C : For « that world » yes I am.

The guy next to her : Models are usally really tall, you’re more normal. C : I’m normal.

I : The Officiel magazine said that even though you’re not a really tall, you have a chest that deserve a name. What do they mean by that?

C : I don’t know. Eh… it’s true that at first I really showed my chest which is kind of strange since when I’m at the beach I don’t take my top off. I don’t know it’s my job and I role that I play.

I : You have a nothing thing that is pretty rare for models or for young women working in fashion, it’s that you smoke.

C : Yeah

I : Don’t tell me otherwise, because we have a picture of you doing the « instant clope ». Look how pretty is this picture, if everybody would smoke like that.

C :I smoke, yes I smoke.

Blond woman : Is it banned? Do we prohibe models to smoke?

C : No, I find that several models do smoke. I think that in the US it’s really well seen. I’ve done a show the UK Vogue about wellness and we talk alot about the fact that i’m a smoker. For a long time I had a lifestyle, that I think comes with fashion, where we go out too much, we drink too much, it’s really exausting , I was really tired. I went to LA so I could be more careful about myself and the UK Vogue are kind of making a show about that. But I can’t really get rid of the cigarettes.

I : You don’t have an american accent. And in a video you were promoting french language for ID magazine.

I : For your first castings, maybe it was your agent idea, you forced your french accent.

C :Yeah, totally. In fact it’s really shameful, when i drop out of university to go to New York, I ran into a old teacher, I talked to him with a french accent and he wasn’t understanding me. I was imparassed that I also had to explain that I dropped out to do modelling and that I was forcing a french accent.

I : The other day Diane Kruger was telling us that when she was pull over by an american cop, she really forced her french accent not to get a fine.

C : I do the same thing when I smoke on terrace. I said that I’m french i do not know. And it works.

I : Would you like to do like Diane Kruger, who started as a model and a dancer, to do films?

C : yes. I was thinking about it for a time, I was waiting for a project and know there’s one (with Guillaume Canet)

Guy next to her : Have confidence in yourself, from what i’ve seen earlier you’re good.

C : thanks

I : But you can’t talk about the role for the moment?

C : Not really

I : So we’re right in the middle of the Paris’s Fashion week, what tips do you have so I could look smart if I ran into someone for the business?

C : (she laughs) Good question.

I : Have something struck you this week.

C : Well, I just got here… Modelling is my job, but the high fashion isn’t really my world.

I : We went to ask models and fashionista what you represented.

(They show a video of interviews with a couple of models)

I : We say that your style is effortless, it’s natural.

C : Yeah, I’m always in jeans and t-shirts.

I : when we we’re there we show another picture of a fashion icon….

I : I saw many thing in the press, tell me if it’s true of false.

I : In a journal in Cote-d’Or, they say that you picking mushrooms at the first occasion you have everytime you’re in Bourgogne, is that true?

C : I do my picking in Jura

I : In Paris Match we say that your only restriction is to stop beer before a shooting.

Blond women : Is there a lot before?

C : Honestly it’s been 11 months that I haven’t drank alcohol.

Most of the persons at the table : Why?

C : Because I said to myself that I will go a year without alcohol and I feel good.

I : Frédéric Beigbeder said that you made the whole journal (Lui) fall for you, that makes a lot of people?.


C : Yeah, it’s cool.

I : How’s Beigbeder convinced you to do his cover, without alcohol?

C : No it’s a pretty economic(?) magazine, so it wasn’t really hard to convince me.

I : He did well, you did well.

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On 09/10/2016 at 4:19 PM, Glitter92 said:



Love this interview ! And thank you so so much Max_god1 !! Woulnd't be too much to ask if you could tell us Camille's answer of this vidoe fo her at Le Grand Journal too? :p



Q (Interviewer) : Camille, anything that you like in the « fashion week »?

Camille : I’m a model, fashion ain’t my passion.

Off screen guy ask : What the hell are you (two) doing here?

C : Runaways are really exausting, there’s a lot of people…

Q : There’s some jobs who are more exausting then that

C : It’s really intense. It’s really oppressing. I’ ve done only one, no only two, so it’s ok.

(Around 9 minutes)

Q : I’ve noticed that there’s like 3 woman in charge of Fashion House, it’s nice.

C : yeah really.

C : I find that really nice. For a long time we had some really skinny woman in fashion, maybe it was because they we’re dressed by man who didn’t really like woman’s body.

Guy in black : Where is it coming from? Is it from the professional of the business who establish that in the process?

C : I don’t know. But I have the impression that things are changing, I tought that the casting at Dior was beautiful, they were a lot of girls with different body type and a lot of positives messages.

The guy with the blue shirt : Do you two considere yourself to be feminist?

C : Myself, yes.

Around 11 minutes (when they get back from the commerical break)

Host : so we’re back with the legendary Peter Lindberg and with the top, super top, mega top of the moment, she’s french and she’s call Camile Rowe.

The guy in black : It wasn’t planed, Victor, it wasn’t written

Host : yeah yeah

Guy in black : super top, mega top, we all what to fuck her… oh it a compliment oh. (After that he makes a homophobic comment)

Host (20m :28) : Camille does that picture represente anything to you, even though you we’re born a year after it has been took?

C : Yeah, it’s a classic photo. There’s so much of today’s work that is influenced by that photo.

H : Is there a model that could been considered a model for you?

C : I find Christy Turlington really beautiful.


That's pretty much it. I may have skipped some parts, if so and you want to know what Camille said just give the timeline and will translate it.

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