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  1. {name}

    Brie Larson

    ^Wow, she looks great with that bob haircut! Really complements her face - she should always have that haircut!
  2. Link to a short movie - BUTCHER BOY.
  3. ^Nice! I was wondering when we would get better versions of her july/august playboy pics! Are there more than these?
  4. I hope to see HQ versions of the PLAYBOY pics by Alexa King... Here's a pictorial by Matthew Comer for Off The Rails...
  5. ^Again - so much more sexy and beautiful than those generic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Fuji and Aruba photos.
  6. It's natural to be sceptical when breasts seem too good to be true - but convinced hers are real. Here's the nudes from Chris Phelps' playboy pictorial: Maybe someone can do the Hidden contents NSFW censor-thing on 'em for me - too much of a hassle!
  7. Those Yamamay Spring photos: infinitely hotter, sexier, and more beautiful than those bland Sports Ilustrated Swimsuit ones from a couple of weeks ago. Nice 16 seconds vid, too!
  8. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2018 pics are so incredibly generic! Some of kate's poses are downright laughable. And the photographer's compositions are really boring (his pics for the 2017 pictorial were equally boring). No wonder the enthusiasm for the pictorial has been pretty subdued on these pages. Kate has never looked better, though - her facial features in the 2011 and 2012 pictorials were not quite developed yet - but her face is truly beautiful now. And her new(ish) body shape is perfect.
  9. From: Vanity Teen Girl Magazine. Photographer: Taner Tumkaya.
  10. They've removed her unbecoming tattoos in those Etam Fall/Winter 2017 pictures - understandable. Models shouldn't have tattooos to begin with - they should be blank canvases to splash clothes on. (Actors shouldn't have tattoos either, they should be blank canvases to hang characters on.)
  11. For me, the best image quality thus far of the GQ Spain photos... Hopefully we'll get even better ones at some point... I also hope we get the BTS vid in HD instead of 360p...
  12. Women's Health Magazine, June 2017 -Upgrades.
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