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when do you get more excited


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VS show for sure. ive never really been interested in SI until Cintia and Hilary got involved.

But for me the VS models are the most beautiful and i like many of them. I also really adore the oufits-even though some of them are bizarre, they are still interesting to look at :) so VSFS for suree!

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It depends, last year i didn't care about the VSFS 'cuz i knew Adri wasn't goin' to be there ... But this year i was uberexcited for SI 'cuz i already knew that Bar&Brookie were there

Usually im more excited for VS ... But it depends of the models, this year Adriana will be there so probably im goin' to be like a 5 years girl before x-mas the week before the show

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I actually find VS way more interesting than SI ... I love a few SI models but not like to get crazy about it. So of course I get more excited when the VS show is closer, not just becoz there's my fave model but becoz there is the thing to expect about who's wearing the FB, the outfits, or about who's singin', who's opening & blahblahblah ...

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I get more excited for SI. because i like the models more than the vs model. and i always get excited about who is going to get the cover and who are going to be the rookies, and where the location are going to be. and I also like the swimsuit a lot, they always have sexy or cute ones.

and for vs i only get excited about the fantasy bra, how is it going to look like and who is going to wear it, and that is all.

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Definitely VS.

I never really cared for SI, since ya well, the models aren't that interesting to me. And also, I don't think I can buy it here, I could try- but then it would probably really expensive. And VSFS is far more exciting, because I can see it on youtube or download the torrent or something.

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I get more excited for the VSFS because it's such a grander affair:

-Discussing themes.

-Discussing rumored models.

-Discussing who wears 'THE' bra.

-Discussing set pieces.


-Watching exclusive clips.

-Eagerly awaiting backstage shots.

backstage shots.

-Eagerly awaiting the runway shots.

the runway shots.

-Complaining about the show :D

-Seeing the after-party shots.


-Watching the show.

-Discussing the show.

I'm sure you could find plenty of things to discuss and await with the magazine, but there's such a sense of anticipation that comes with every little aspect of the show. The speculation is also much more fun because there are plenty of things to speculate about, rather than a handful.

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