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Has anyone seen the movie yet?

I'm so extremely surprised that I liked it A LOT and it was so true to the book! They did everything as it was in the book...absolutely everything-I can't think of a thing that differs from it :|

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they keep changing directors for the movies. so far, it has been a different director for every Twilight saga movie. So, I think that's why this one was better than the other two. It didn't feel so gloomy (the colors weren't all just greys and blues) and it does seem each director wants the vamp characters paler and paler with more lipstick. lol.

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I saw Eclipse on July 12th. It was great! Definitely the best movie in the series so far! :hehe:

The only thing I can comment on is that I definitely liked Rachelle Lefevre better as Victoria than Bryce Dallas Howard.

Yeah I didn't like that too...actually I forgot to mention it as thie one thing I didn't like in the movie..does anyone know why the actress was changed?

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