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Caroline Winberg

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Those are great, Wicked, thanks!

Girl's got a new Vogue cover and editorial! :clap:

Vogue Latin America November 2008

"Ninfa Etérea"

ph. by Lee Broomfield

source: tfs

scan: kokobombon

caro_Vogue_Latin_America_November_2008_NinfaEterea_byLeeBroomfield_tfs__kokobombom.jpg caro_Vogue_Latin_America_November_2008_NinfaEterea_byLeeBroomfield_tfs__kokobombom2.jpg caro_Vogue_Latin_America_November_2008_NinfaEterea_byLeeBroomfield_tfs__kokobombom3.jpg caro_Vogue_Latin_America_November_2008_NinfaEterea_byLeeBroomfield_tfs__kokobombom4.jpg caro_Vogue_Latin_America_November_2008_NinfaEterea_byLeeBroomfield_tfs__kokobombom5.jpg caro_Vogue_Latin_America_November_2008_NinfaEterea_byLeeBroomfield_tfs__kokobombom6.jpg caro_Vogue_Latin_America_November_2008_NinfaEterea_byLeeBroomfield_tfs__kokobombom7.jpg caro_Vogue_Latin_America_November_2008_NinfaEterea_byLeeBroomfield_tfs__kokobombom8.jpg caro_Vogue_Latin_America_November_2008_tfs__kokobombom.jpg

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Uhm ... don't get me wrong, I love Caro and she's got an amazing body and she looks awesome at guess and arena and all, but I got the feeling she's just one step away from doing Playboy and that's definitely not the way I would like her career to go. I know I've got no right to say so, because it's totally her thing but I wanted to speak what's on my mind and I'm just wondering if anyone's thinking the same about it ...

Yeah, while looking through her recent work I thought the same thing.

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Bun then again she's always been very thin and I should stop complaining about everything, I guess.

Some old ones ...

D & G Spring 2006 Ready to Wear

source: LJ, runwaym

caroline_D___G_Spring_2006_Ready_to_Wear.jpg caroline_D___G_Spring_2006_Ready_to_Wear2.jpg caroline_D___G_Spring_2006_Ready_to_Wear3.jpg

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Victoria Secret Fashion Show Lineup 2008


She's at the bottom right.

Who is the girl second from the left, bottom row?

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