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Thread Hijacking

Jimmy Changa

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Hi Jimmy,

I'm sorry your thread was "hijacked" as you call it. There is nothing barring people from talking about whatever they want here, although I personally would prefer if politics were kept off limits here like they are at the Fashion Spot. That's just me though. We felt the need to close the thread because it was getting out of hand as I am sure you saw. It is unfortunate that something that was supposed to be about those suffering from Hurricane Rita turned into a political flame fest. We can stop people from flaming each other, as that's against the rules, but it's much harder to just stop people from going somewhat off topic, especially in the general talk area. I understand your frustration though, and for that I am sorry.

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Although i'm fairly sure I didn't post in that particular thread, i'm sure that i had done, i'd have posted something remarkably sweeping and inappropriate. If the thread closure has anything to do with me, I apologise, as I understand that this is an extremely emotional subject for everyone.

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I appreciate your comments, OS. You (the management of this forum) make it available to all members to start our own threads for topics we wish to discuss and/or debate and this we appreciate and should recognize the priviledge. Also, for this reason we should respect the starter of a thread. Alisha's issue may very well be a point worthy of discussion, but she should start her own thread.

With this in mind, moderators have the power, and resposibility, to keep some order with the tools they have. In the case of the Hurricane Rita thread, posts could have been deleted, the topic could have been split or something besides letting the argument run rampant till Neo felt it needed to simply be closed. This result is simply "giving in to the terrorists" so to speak.

OMB, not to worry, you never made it to that thread...lol

Hell, I was gone to work all day and came back to find my thread obliterated and closed....it sucked pretty bad.

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You make an excellent point Jimmy. And I believe you're right and I will at least make it a point to handle threads differently around here. (I'm not always in the General Talk area anymore so I can't promise I'll do it for every thread) but your concerns are valid :)

I personally say feel free to restart the topic if you would like (make it clear the intent of the thread) and I will take any responsibility for the thread. I hope that helps, somewhat at least.

And thanks for letting us know how you feel...or letting me know....I dont know if anyone else read this.

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I know, I felt bad after I did it but I couldn't take it back

Anyways, when I read the topic I thought it was about something else... Hijacking as in constantly going off topic in threads being a problem, which it is but mehhh

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