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Will Chalker


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Will for


part three


Photographer: Tim Petersen

th_86278a30410122.gif/monthly_03_2009/post-25170-0-1593891440-5836_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="hw2009_haka_05.jpg"> a21f5330410129.gif

th_113ebe30410131.gif/monthly_03_2009/post-25170-0-1593891440-665_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="hw2009_haka_08.jpg"> hw2009_haka_09.jpg

hw2009_haka_10.jpg c707e430410164.gif eb1f9d30410109.gif

source: gardeur gmbh (http://www.gardeur.de)

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So, you might know that I am obsessed with American Idol this year (even though I live in England). Well, I guess I'm obsessed with Adam Lambert (check out his thread over at Guy Musicians! You won't be disapointed!).

Well another contestant on the show, Matt Giraud, reminds me so much of Will. Anyone agree?





hey kerensa!! so good to see u in Will's thread again...yeah Adam's sooooo good!! i'll def check out his thread...and yeah i didnt realise the resemblance of Matt to Will til u said something...good eye!! people say he resembles Justin Timberlake too.... :wave:

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Thank you Joachim for the huge update!

Thanks for all the work you've done, and nice to finally welcome you here on Bellazon :)

and i'm sorry.

for the pictures:

Catalogue :cain: but it's work :D and nice one, too. :brows:

@ kerensa:

Yeah in some shots there is the tiniest bit of resemblance, i guess it's the nose or something... but to be honest to me he doesn't even come close to Will lol sorry haha

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aac119772.th.jpg aac112433.th.jpg aac119769.th.jpg

I have just died and gone to heaven. :drool:

No seriously, I'm having trouble breathing. I'm like, shaking~

PS: Just make those as big as possible and scroll down. That is if you think you can survive hyperventilation.

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thanks! :drool:

they're actually old, aren't they? I have never seen them in such high quality though! :shifty: :drool:

(if he'd just had gotten rid of his monobrow :whistle:)

and welcome to the the Chalker fan club :p

hope we'll see you around here, soon haha

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Well, I was actually VERY OBSESSED with Will about a year ago.

and now i'm starting to become obsessed again. I think he has like, the sexiest feet in the world~

click and post-15161-0-1446018690-30412_thumb.jpg

haha yeah :blush:

i've used them in sets before ehehe :brows:

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