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  1. Guesssss who has tix for the killers summer tour?!?!?! Yeeeei!!!
  2. My fave one from the whole album is Neon Tiger Ive even imagined the video more than once hehe!
  3. You sure, I tought i responded the last one =P

    But havent used that fb thing in a while =S

    So, hows everything in ur life lately? =)

  4. Brandon looks soooo gorgeous and handsome in both vids =P Hey, be happy, we have the chance to see two new vids instead of just one, hehe!
  5. Hey

    hows everything?

    Long time no see

    nor chat or nothin



  6. Oh hun, we are all obsessed with him here thats the reason... we are here! :evil: Hehe! Cheers! Oh, and... Hi Michael, long time no read =P
  7. Hmmm... I need new Lars pics, has anyone seen him sporting just underwear, at all? I'd love to, hehe! Cheers to everyone here!!!
  8. Wie geht es Ihnen?

    Yeah, I somehow, got too used to mix languages =P, Oh and I meant music not musci, hehe! So, are we going then? =P

    Why will u get rid of msn? =S Ich verstehe nicht.

    That aint no fun man.

    Well, read ya soon M, gute nacht, auf wiedersehen.

  9. Hello... Is someone there? =)

    Well, hope everything's ok, Ive been busy with school, I start classes at 8am and finish at 6pm =S

    Read ya soon(hope). Guten abend, auf wiedersehen!

  10. Hallo! Wie geht es Ihnen?

    Somehow... I think I got lost in our concersation =P

    Well Mr. M, since you dont use FB or Myspace; do u have msn? =D

    Oh, by the way, last msg was spanish not portuguese :P

    Oh, that "sick" business, hope u get better soon!

    Guten Abend, auf wiedersehen.

  11. I tought u said you took several spanish classes =P

    Nah, I said: Lets go to coachella music fest to see the killers, yes yes yes? =P

    So, where have u been all these days, kidnapped, abducted =P ?

    Cheers, read ya soon!

  12. Heeey ppl, who's gonna go to Coachella music fest to see the killers april 18th?!?!
  13. Vamos al Coachella musci fest a ver a the killers?

    Si si si?!


  14. Bom dia!

    Yeah, I knew it I knew I seen that before... Im a fan of hers, seen her twice live =P

    So... w/bout FB or Myspace huh... Don wanna use'em? =P


  15. Hmmm... not precisely. I paint them on my white shirts Havent done anything from scratch yet(clothes), but I do modify my clothes to make'em look different. So, this is what I've been doing, I did like 9 this weekend You just spary or ink and... voila, its done, hehe! Im sure you've seen em before.
  16. Wow, I just realized u live in Germany, I so want to go there, my great-grandparents where German. Since I was a kid Ive been wanting to go. Are you form there or just living there?

  17. Im from Tijuana, MX. And yes, thats portuguese, Im learnin it ight now. So, why the bad mood? Heeey, u should use one of'em, aither myspace or FB =)

    By the way, I like your avatar, I know Ive seen that before, just cant recall where.

    So, hey, what u up to today?

  18. Hey whats up, how good has been ur week this far? =D

    Mine pretty good, a lot of creativity flowin in the air right now.

  19. Boa tarde, como vai voce?

    So, hey M, d'you have FB or Myspace?


  20. Hey no prob "M", Ive been doin some stuff too =P Some stencils to stamp my shirts... and some walls =) So, hey, just curious, what do you study? BTW, I like the last pic, where theyre ridding bikes!
  21. Oh.. =( Well then, we will wait, cause no mather what, we dont want you to get into trouble.
  22. Heey, good thing ur laughing, lets keep w/the fun After all, these sites are for that ight, to have fun and talk to ppl, hehe! Sooo, w/took u so loooong! Hehe! Well, hope u're all havin a great wknd, =D And hope to see new pics too, "M" ur my battle-horse, I know ull be the firts to post some!!!
  23. Where are ya?! =S

  24. Ohhh! But this mission requires team work!!! And a team is not one person =D
  25. Yeah, sorry, I just checked it :P

    But... "Team Work" its what we need!!!


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