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How you can get a VS Picture in HQ


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How you can get a VS Picture in HQ

1. Click the picture you want


2. In the large view ... click to save the picture


3. Copy the name of the picture


4. Paste the copied name at the end of this link:



5. Enter


P.S. This way should be work with every Browser with every OS (Windows, Mac, etc.)

Btw. I know there is an easier way ... but more confusing for rookies.

If you have any problems ... ask here. :wave:

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Try to click the follow link:


this is how the adress has to look like

Important is that all letters has to be capital letters. But when you copied it than should it be capital letters.

Can you see the picture?

^ (Y) (I wasn't copying the address right - that's cleared it up)
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Why are there even HQ versions of the photos? Why would you think to look? There is no ability to zoom into the photos further than how you see them on the page. It's interesting that you assumed there must be HQ versions and dugg them up. I wonder why the people who run the site would even upload them if they're not going to use them (not that I'm complaining).

maybe its for later...and they want to do it like   hurley.com where you drag your mouse over smth and it´ll enlarge and stuff.

btw...i made this "tutorial" if u can call it that some time ago (click me) ...a how-to for downloading every pic on the VS-server

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That's very cool. Thank you for sharing :) That's way easier than how I was trying to go about it. Is it possible to use a similar technique on sites like boden that have their hq pics embedded? I can't figure that one out.

i think you can use orbit downloader for most of them...

f.e.: sports illustrated.


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For some reason, this isn't working for me anymore. Anyone have any idea as to why? :blink:

Yes, because there is no longer a 'View Large' option because the site's web masters have since opted for a flash viewer rather than a JavaScript popup window. This means that the photos are either dynamically loaded from a database, or the loader simply calls the static image files which sit on disk. Either way, the image file name, and more crucially the URL, are unknown - (you'll notice right-click doesn't give you the option to view the image or save it).

I'm afraid the brilliance of the OP's method in saving images is now redundant. Sad, as I really wanted to get this in HD.

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^I've seen people posting new VS pictures in certain models threads in HQ, so there must be a way?

Which ones, do you have any examples?

The JavaScript popup method hasn't been completely abandoned. For instance, on this page, when you right-click on the first large image you'll get this menu:


The image below in 'May We Also Suggest' has the Large View link where the JavaScript popup works, and then you can right click and select View Image then get the URL and change it, as per the OP's method.

So there are still some instances where you can get the HQ version of the image, but (and I'm not going to check the whole site) from what I can see they're using the Flash image viewer for most of the pictures now.

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