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  1. Now THAT is a good looking woman.
  2. Hey, thanks for all the pretty pictures [email protected] Does anyone know how to get these pictures from here? http://www.cortefiel.com/en/index_en.html They're really beautiful! I don't know how to get full size though.
  3. I don't remember these being posted, from Elle Spain October 2009. I have the one with the guitar in color, but alas.. watermarked. www.elle.es
  4. Alyssa is so beautiful, always one of my favorites. I hope the Guess campaign and this new editorial are signs that she's going to be getting a lot more work.
  5. No, not the bore worms!!! Couldn't resist. I Flash Gordon, haha..
  6. No, you're not the only one who's annoyed by it. It is annoying, but I let it slide because I happen to like a lot of her catalog work. If she looks the same in a lot of pictures then it's how they wanted her to look for whatever brand she's doing. Some brands like free people models get to have more fun with. But Chadwicks which I just assume is for women who are way older than Lily, haha.. well they need her to project that brand, which is WAY too old for her again, haha.. silly.. poor Lily packed under a ton of home shopping network products, that's what it looks like anyway. But I'm sure it pays well which is good for her
  7. That's very cool. Thank you for sharing That's way easier than how I was trying to go about it. Is it possible to use a similar technique on sites like boden that have their hq pics embedded? I can't figure that one out.
  8. I can confirm, that's Lily Aldridge
  9. I think the second girl in the first picture is Paulina Nierodzik who always reminds me of Amanda Bynes in some weird way.
  10. Did you guys ever hear her sing with her friend Eden? I like those songs, Paperships and Small Talk. I was actually hoping they'd do more.
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