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Samantha Jones

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Jones was an international fashion model who tried to break into acting in the late Sixties.The acting experiment would seem to have been a failure, as Jones appeared as a bit player in only three other films, and a single episode of "McMillan and Wife," before (I assume) fading into relative obscurity circa '72. I'm not sure if she went back to modeling or not.

Sam's better known for her print work for Revlon Cosmetics, and was the face in such "books" as Vogue for such "natural" products as Moon Drops "Demi-Makeup" back in '69-'70. The tagline for Moon Drops was "People will think it's your own fresh, flawless skin. (Let them.)" As in: "It's really not; it's just some new-fangled spackle you paid too much for in a lame attempt to buy back a few more moments of your long-lost youth. Underneath, it's still your old, wrinkled, mottled, dry skin."



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