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Adam Gregory

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Adam is an American actor. He has appeared in "Hannah Montanna: The Movie"

and the American television series, "90210" He is currently appearing in CBS's very popular soap, "The Bold and the Beautiful."


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Talk about bad timing! Poor Adam never had a chance on that show, as it was totally retooled the second season, and his character isn't someone they decided to keep. He's cute, though, and should be able to find something. "Smallville" could use a Kyle Rayner, who looks very much like Adam!


I almost forgot to post actual pics of Adam!


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Thanks for the update, ganymede. Having discovered Adam a season too late, I was wondering why I did not see him on the show. As you said, he is cute. I will even go as far as saying that he's got the "IT" factor. (Or is it called the X Factor in these days of Simon Cowell's reign.) He will survive. Well, just look at the high profile modeling gigs he has already landed. And having Nous as your model agency is no small feat. :yes:

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