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  1. From Armani Exchange, the Director's Cut video for Summer 2010.
  2. By Samuel Zakuto, Ryan vs. Ram Boneh (you'll recognize him from earlier shoots)
  3. From Made In Brazil the 'making of' video for Emporio Armani:
  4. Armani Exchange Behind The Lens for Summer 2010
  5. More from the 2011 campaign for Frankie Morello
  6. I would assume Morello, for one. These guys go to castings, and, unless they're exclusive to a designer, or have some deal worked out beforehand, they don't always know.
  7. New Chris! Thank you! So Awesome!
  8. Kerry in Fiasco magazine by Vincent Dilio:
  9. Kaylan by photographer Marc Wysisck:
  10. Kaylan for Iceberg 2011 in Milan.
  11. No offense, but this is an American Forum.. so that whole freedom of speech/media/press thing is part of our rights. Not to mention part of being a celebrity is taking critisism, celebs/models/actors/singers lives aren't all sunshine and light and daisies and happy little bunnies that bounce through clover patches. If we have to put up with threads that cater to people with fetishes for exceptionally skinny girls, how in hell can you actually try and enforce a weight rule? Again.. refer to first statement here.. Not trying to be rude or anything. But the forum is American based and I believe the person paying for it is American, so American laws/ammendments should be applied. If the fans are getting this sensitive/emo over their favorites weight perhaps they need to step back and take a breath and realize this is not their life and that with praise comes critisism. Yes indeed, in America we have Freedom of Speech , but that doesn't mean that every venue is there for one to exercise those rights. By posting here you are agreeing to abide by the rules of the forums, which include the weight rule.
  12. Please refrain from the weight topic, as posted in the rules here. Thanks!
  13. For Hercules mag by Steven Klein from Major Models Blog
  14. From Design ScenePhotographer Blair Getz Mezibo shoots The Soldiers Mutiny for the latest issue of Men's Vogue China.
  15. Zach for Sport & Street Magazine by Mark Gong from Red Models
  16. I think you're correct about the glacier one. The pics I have must not be from this thread, and I couldn't tell the difference between what I have and these. I just assumed I got mine from here, but I figured if I asked the difference someone might know.
  17. Not since page 2 of the thread in any case. I think 48 pages between postings isn't too bad. Just give credit to the photographer/website/mag if you have that info.
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