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Angela Highsmith

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California native Angela Highsmith, born on August 4, 1984, caught her big break with a spread in Vogue—when she was five months pregnant.

Angela Highsmith could not be more proud of how her family has grown. "Having a child so young and early in my career really defined a lot," she says. And it certainly has. Her husband, Asio, and daughter, Leilani, are models, as well. This model family has jet-setted all over the world for photo shoots, even sometimes posing together. The three were featured in a shot for Glamour when Leilani was only three months old.

Angela's Native American and African-American roots attribute to her striking looks—no doubt responsible for landing her those magazine spreads. And it seems that J.Crew, too, was cast under her spell, as she is a recurring model in their catalogs. Plus she got to test out her acting chops when she was featured in the pilot episode for Royal Pains.

She believes that all of this traveling is providing a "rich cultural experience" for her little one, and it appears that Leilani has certainly been molded by it. This little girl is an eclectic fashionista and is as comfortable in front of the camera as she is in her kitchen, appearing in Glamour, three Ralph Lauren campaigns, among others.







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US Vogue April 2002
The Body Eclectic
Models: Angela Marie Wilkerson, Eva J, Jacquetta Wheeler, Devon Aoki and Sophie Dahl
Photographer: Steven Meisel




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