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The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

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  • 2 weeks later...

A year and a half work down the drain. I hope she doesn't kill me, and it started with "he'd been there for the better part of a night watching".... *sighs*

Randy, Chris, Tyler, Jude, Jude's woman, Thomas, Whitney, Big Mike, Lisa, Gaby, Aurora...

THOMAS & LISA... I'm soooo sorry. Don't give up...

REALLY need to stop listening to Nine Inch Nails, it's not making this process any easier... *sighs*... Should we all just give up? What if it turns out the same way..... but it won't with effort on our parts.... Nine inch nails... reallllllly not helping this situation....

God damn I need a bowl.

Randy you suck ass... lots and lots of ass!

No more NIN... *sighs*... It's making us sad.... but it's so perfect for the situation.

I can't believe they are gone for good... wow.. just wow

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1. Relieved that the loud, crappy music behind me has stopped

2. Thinking about a guy today who was talking to me like I was his son, almost crying.

3. Thinking about rooms for rent.

4. Disappointed that by the time I finished writing this post, the loud crappy music has resumed even crappier and even louder. <_<

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