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Anyone here have a personal website?


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So the title says it...

Anyone have like a website they just made for themselves or something?..Or maybe if you run your own company/business then a website relating to that?

Any designers in the house?...haha...Just wondering. I find these things interesting. Looking at other people's designs and stuff.

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Ahahaha at Blade...My interests..Women...after some lines women...oh did I mention women?..hahaha

Funny shit man.

My website is, http://www.um4r.com

Just a little funky one I felt like doing. Little bit about me, and just some graphics I've done in the past

Pretty nice looking. Kinda unclear about navagation...but nice layout. I've seen your work somewhere before, but I can't remember where. Do you know Curtis Awalt or been to Planet Burrito?

I have too many sites to list. I don't really want to list my personal one here but if you poke around long enough you can find it from one of mine where I list most of the stuff I'm working on: Pueblo Web Development Group

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