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Izabela Soncini and Ivana Vancova

Memento Mori

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Woa, she's lookin' nice :woot: :chicken: :woot: !

Good luck with the search :morning: .

*edit* Is that her in this guy's avatar :chicken: ???!!! I'm going to ask him :chicken: ! http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showuser=35954

I'd like to be able to help here, she's smokin'! I'll stay on this case.

My avatar is Carla Ossa, if anyone is still curious...



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So I contacted Hunkemoller and they responded, but they flatly refuse to give any information on the model up to and including her name which makes me very sad. It`s like they`re afraid we`ll see candids and realize how photoshopped the pictures are, (as if we didn`t already) or they think I work for a rival company and will swoop in and steal her away with a more lucrative contract or some shit.

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