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Heidi always looks much more better with a chub curve to her. I loved her in 2005. Even though she had this curve to her i thought it was one of the best she had ever look. Its kind of the same now. She has this nice roundness to her. She looks much healthier compared to how skinny she was at last years show.

My God Miranda is so bloody stunning. Her face is so just perfect. Im in total love with that girl

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I honestly don't see any chubbiness but that's just me...lol.

Oh shes not chubby like its obvious but i mean i like that she is curvier

I see what you meant. Sorry I was referring to what LimaSecret said :laugh: My bad its 6am, and have yet to go to bed lol. Everyone has their own perspectives of beauty though, and whats thin, and not. So that's fine with me. I definitely agree with what you said ;)

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