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Miss Universe 2009


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Well, im a huuge fan of Dayana Mendoza hahahaha ... & i don't think any of this year girls was as beautiful as she is! :heart:

But im very happy that Venezuela won again & i think Stefania is really pretty & i have to say that she gave the best answer for her question, i guess that's why she won ... Plus she has the best face of the bunch

I have to say that i was in love w/Miss Mexico, i was sure that she was goin' to make it at least for the Top 5 ... But she wasn't even at Top 15 ... Can't believe that, she is really beautiful ... Im sad about that, she deserved a best place!

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i think mexico girl was prettier than venezuelan.

i just don't get the venezuelan girl appeal.

I just don't find her attractive, i think they were

better ones than her.

It's a matter of taste, but you need to have on mind that the girls do a "pre.pageant" before the show where the organization gets to know the girls ... Karla is beautiful, but maybe she wasn't too smart, or she was a bad model, or too boring ... Miss Universe takes in count a lot of things besides beauty, not always the prettiest girl win ... They need a girl who represents the brand right, i mean did you see Carrie Prejean @ Miss USA 2009? :ninja:

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I Know that the prettiest one never win. but since is beauty pageant you expect the prettiest one to win.

the only miss universe that i like was in 2003 amelia vega.

I agree to some extent. However, in my opinion some of the "prettiest contestants" have won.

eg. Amelia Vega, Jennifer Hawkins, Natalie Glebova, Dayana Mendoza and Stefanía Fernández :heart:

Although we all have different tastes :hehe:

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