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Erika Labanauskaite


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First Name: Erika

Last Name: Labanauskaite

Nationality: Lithuanian

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'9.5" ; 177cm

Measurements: (US) 31-23-35 ; (EU) 79-58.5-89

Dress Size: (US) 3 ; (EU) 33

Shoe Size: (US) 6 ; (EU) 36 ; (UK) 3.5


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Models.com on Erika:

Discovered at an open call at Supermodels Model Management in Lithuania, Erika is enchanting. Her beauty is fresh and full of exuberance. Quickly winning fans from afar, Erika is now one of the latest additions to the Next worldwide network. She recently shot for Italian Marie Claire and has a Blugirl Beachwear campaign under her belt. Currently in Milan, clients are queuing up to book this girl with a very rosy future.
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Who? Erika, 20-years-old, 175cm.

Where? From Lithuania but not from the same agency. Erika was found by Supermodels and took the same international road as Karolina signing with Joy and Angels.

When? Right now. She was the second girl we saw that afternoon. Last but not least.

What? She's been working on her booking and doing extremely well. She has already a story in Italian Marie-Claire among other pieces of her portfolio. We're currently planning another feature on her. Stay tuned.

What's next? It's always hard to tell but there is some little things you can't overlook when you meet a girl. Like good vibrations. Erika is a cool, laid-back young woman with the most lovely attitude and is positive about modeling.

same source

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same source

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