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Lorri Bagley

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Lorri Bagley (born August 5, 1973 in Dallas, Texas) is an American actress and model.


Bagley made her television debut at a young age appearing on Late Night with David Letterman in 1982, and had made a name for herself as a model in Europe by the age of fourteen. As well as modelling for Victoria's Secret for five years she has appeared in several films such as Tommy Boy and Mickey Blue Eyes. She was also part of the cast of the short-lived sitcom Veronica's Closet, playing June Bilson, a deviously dumb air-head.

Notable works include the voice of the female sloth in the 2002 movie Ice Age and as the regular character June Bilson Anderson in the final season of Veronica's Closet.from wiki


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with Gisele Z. post-18834-1242845094_thumb.jpg

scan from bwgreyscale....i think this is lorri, she may actually be Irene Pfeifer :huh:






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im starting to feel like a geek, korri... going to all your threads and saying, 'OH YEAH!! i remember her!!!!'

but i do.. :ninja:

yet another great that got away.

thanks for starting her thread... to have a comprehensive collection of model pics.. we need girls from the past, present And future :wub:

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Glad you all like her! :wave:

I scanned this pic of Lorri wearing Karl Lagerfeld-spring summer 1991post-18834-1243646746_thumb.jpg

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yeah,...I really knew that one >_< shouldn't have posted it!

Accueil Archives > L'officiel de la mode > Les années 1990 > 1990 > n° 754



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