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  1. thank you for that post. i like to flip through mags online. so i know what not to buy on ebay i just wish there was the same archive for elle magazine .)
  2. It's impossible this woman is Rosemarie. :x I've found her profile in Priscilas Model Managemen Look at this link http://www.priscilla...s...ge=&letter=
  3. now i know the name of that bald one.
  4. There ought to be a law against a woman who looked that good gaining that much weight. Tragic. :( to her defense: she gave birth to her third child two months ago.
  5. Horrific! Nadja last friday at a charity event. but it was not a halloween party!!
  6. great editorial helenalover! here is claudia at giles deacon runway London Spring/Summer 2011
  7. great runway comeback at Ungaro SS 2011! body and legs are perfect!
  8. Hi fender I love all your scans!! very nice!
  9. obviously she got some very awful outfits from the designers in the 90s. my scan
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