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Emma Warg

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Emma Warg

is a beautiful mystery....maybe we'll find out more soon!

compcards: http://www.modelscomposites.com/getlist.ph...rg&year=all




from Georgia on bwgreyscale:

She is a Scandinavian model from the late 1980's. I think she later became a film star in her native country

Emma Warg is the first one that you posted that struck.

I have seen her before, but you put the name to the impossibly high cheekbones and icy, slit eyes.

Then I saw your posts of Ludmilla. Wowee!

You have refreshed Bellazon pages with new names and images that have their own cachet; both Emma and Ludmilla are different from the rest of the girls who have a million pages.

They definitely deserve to be at the top of Bellazon's FASHION MODELS section. How they determine that order, I don't know.

Thanks again for your discerning eye! :wave:

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