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Lauren Lindberg

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I like Lauren Lindberg so much. There just isn't much of her on the net.

It's said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in this case that's not true,

because she is simply beautiful :)

Just a few random images from my scans:

th_18202_SelfJan92pg79RichardCorman_WinterTales-PureAndPale_123_401lo.jpg th_69576_SelfJan92AntoineVerglas_122_123lo.jpg th_68808_MademApr92pg42_NineWest_122_183lo.jpg th_68200_MademMar92pg39_NineWest_122_245lo.jpg



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yet another girl who i thought was stunning back in the stone age :p

but i never knew her name. after so long its soooo amazing to have a name to go with the face

i always thought she had the most gorgeous coloring-- eyes, skin... hair.. total harmonious gorgeousness

thanks!!!!! :hug:

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penny-dreaddfull, I think like you, to me she is one the most (sometimes The Most) wonderful women in the fashion.

Those eyebrows, lips, facial feature, hair, body.. :heart: I will post more of her in the future!

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american Weddings

Thanks for the cover, I had only a VERY poor resolution of this :wave:

My pleasure, fashion! And thanks for the Elle scans, I only have these in little images! :wave:

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