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Cute Sexy or Sexy Sexy???


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Hmmm, do not know If I agree with the the division between cute sexy and sexy sexy. Personally I think of myself as cute sexy (if there has to be a sexy in it) since I don't see myself as overly sexy.

Rather I would opt more for a division between classic beauty and sexyness. Marisa Miller for instance would define sexy pretty well but in all fairness she doesn't really look like a classic natural beauty. Mona Johanessen with all respect doesn't really look sexy but surely falls into the more classic beauty image.

I personally presume an appearance leaning more towards sexyness is seen as sexy, while classic beauty is seen more as "cute".

Classic beauty itself features more on the face and a slim figure with large legs.

Sexy figures do not actually need to have a striking face, but are more focused on being curvy.

This definition also limits people to which kind of fashion or modelling they are most approriate too. Being a classic beauty is great for glossy magazines and high-fashion but with regards to lingerie and swimsuits you would rather want a "sexy" model.

Of course there are always models which can pull both off, but generaly seen there are a lot of models who can either be linked to one of these two groups.

Of course personality also has something to do with it, but who actually knows the personalities of people they have never met ?? We only have video's of then and pictures to judge them, so in that regard we are forgiven if in our division we are a bit shallow.

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All this talk recently as to why some models/women always look cute rather than sexy and vice versa made me want to scan this article. I think it makes sense and helps clarify as to why....

Read the artcle and take the quiz to find out if you have cute sexy appeal (Miranda Kerr) or sexy sexy appeal (Angelina Jolie) based on one's face shape

(don't mind my circles)


Cute Sexy Face:



who is this?

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