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Cute Sexy or Sexy Sexy???


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All this talk recently as to why some models/women always look cute rather than sexy and vice versa made me want to scan this article. I think it makes sense and helps clarify as to why....

Read the artcle and take the quiz to find out if you have cute sexy appeal (Miranda Kerr) or sexy sexy appeal (Angelina Jolie) based on one's face shape

(don't mind my circles)


Cute Sexy Face:

Sexy Sexy Face:

answers & suggestions

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I dunno... it's interesting but my stance would be that it's kinda subjective. I would say it's more your mojo (moja if it's feminine?) than it is your hardware.

Exhibit A: One of my faves... Mini Anden.

You'll have a hell of a time finding someone with harder lines than her. As you can see in the first two photos...

However... the next two photos... she has cute down like it's nobody's business.

Maybe she's a special case, or maybe I just plain old don't know the difference between cute and sultry but I would like to believe that you shouldn't be limitted by what cosmo says. Personality brings out more than just genetics.

zy_Mini_Anden_MassimoDutti_09.jpg SLR2001_084_Mini_Anden_GiGi.jpg 4076436kd6.jpg untitledmi.JPG
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I'm not convinced it really comes down to facial traits. Yes, there are girls that are just really cute and being a sexy bombshell is hard for them because it's not in their personality. Their mannerisms, the way they laugh and present themselves is cute. (whether intentional or not.) Doesn't mean it's impossible. It just doesn't fit with who they are. Miranda Kerr is someone, when you see her in candids, backstage and interviews you think she's really cute. She has fun, her laugh is infectious and she smiles a lot.

But tell me what you'd call this:


I also think Angelina Jolie can be cute when she wants to be. But I think it's just in her personality to ooze sex like she does. Sure, it helps that she has plump lips and sharp eyes, but that's just beauty. I don't think it's your natural beauty to determine if your sexy or cute. It's who you are. People who ooze sex will (unconsciously) also dress that way and use make-up to accentuate that. :angie:

Cosmo just needed an article to fill their pages. And as always, they draw everything back to looks so they can advertise more make-up. :cain:

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Hair with either too much or too little junk in it. lols.

Tough call though. Kerr is just bubbly in her personality. It really projects into her work.... but I guess she does pull it off.

I agree completely with the Angelina Jolie thingy... I just saw Gone In 60 Seconds again just a while ago. It was playing on TV. She had some really cute vibes in that movie from time to time.

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