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Motion gifs of various models and babes!


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is it animated avis only ? or can we post image-avis and siggys as well ?

BTW good job, i liked that stella mc cartney show :p 'cept that i'm not a fan of the outfits they made eugenia wear but... :p lol


I agree about Zhenya's outfit...not the best...but she looked beautiful in it!

I dunno about image-avis...but you may post signatures as well...but in this case this thread should be renamed.

here are some more from this show.













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They're awesome Sweet rus :woot:

great job (Y)

I love them especially this one

http://img395.imageshack.us/my.php?image=animation182vo.gif :wub:

Hey sweet-rus which program are you using to make your avis ? would it be the one i advised u ? Anyways can you PM me its name ? cuz i can't remember what it is :laugh:

thank you :blush: I think I may write it here...I use Jask Animation Shop

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thanks sweet rus for my amazing avi...i made one with natasha but it ended up really bad so i took one from you...everything i make ended so bad...hhehe

isnt she lovely?! hey was that you in natashas web who contributed a video? it was so cool!!!

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