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Emily Didonato


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My sister saw her in my Holiday Express book lying around, and freaked out :p

She said she was the prettiest model she's seen in years. Since the 90's.

I thought it was awesome considering she is not very fond of models these days, haha

She was like this girl is Perfection. :D (a word I've never heard her use) lol

Emily is so stunning. The Express pictures really did make me fall in love with her :heart:

Here is one more scan of the Express book I did of her stunning profile :wub:


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Numéro Tokyo January/February 2010

Ph: Satoshi Saikusa

th_adcfb558466658.gif/monthly_12_2009/post-27441-0-1446093479-70343_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3927571" alt="post-27441-0-1446093479-70343_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="136.94"> post-27441-0-1446093479-74079_thumb.jpg

post-27441-0-1446093479-76769_thumb.jpg th_7d850858466676.gif/monthly_12_2009/post-27441-0-1446093479-80368_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3927575" alt="post-27441-0-1446093479-80368_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="136.94">

Scanned by MAGstyle @ tFS

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