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On 22/01/2013 at 3:54 AM, widget said:

She has soft facial features and exudes a sincere tenderness :smile: I enjoyed the episode and will miss the gang, esp Anna Torv.


Yeah, I think Anna has really proved her worth as an actress over the last couple of years or so. I seem to remember her initial performances being labelled as rigid and awkward by many, which I never understood. Olivia was purposely written as an emotionally distant character in the early days.

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From: fringebloggers.com

Fringe Season 5 Ending – Previously Unseen Image

A previously unseen image from the Season 5 ending has been released online.

....Fringe director of photography David Geddes has shared the following image featuring Olivia and young Etta — apparently this shot was cut from the series finale ending. See what you make of it below:

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I can't believe I never watched/heard of this show when it was on the air, I just started watching it awhile ago and am on Season 3, I love all the character's especially Walter. Thanks for not posting spoliers. :flower:

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