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A newbie, again!


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Hi everybody. I'm Saphir and I'm a french girl.

I think I will not say a lot of things in this topic because I'm enough shy and I don't really like to speak about me. I just hope you'll understand my bad english. French people are so bad in languages, especially me. :laugh:

I discovered Bellazon when I was surching for some models. I was in love with Gemma Ward first, but I think my favourite ones are Magdalena Frackowiak and Iekeliene Stange.

I hope I will feel well here. See you guys. :)

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Thanks all!

It's not so weird to like both, Madalena and Iekeliene. I find they have a peculiar and unique face, that's probably why I like them. And even if they have a very diffferent physical appearance, I find they have something more than the others models. I just really love their special face! :p

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