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Models/Actresses/Celebs who Smoke!


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Guest quasicartes
How boring !

If they smoke they smoke, what's so interesting about who does it ?


Yeah, perhaps someone should start a more interesting thread like models who had sex.

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sex,smoke,getting drunk-CUZ we are all just human

..all of this is boring,people do it all the time-the people next to you are probly having sex as we are chating :whistle: ;) hehehe...so who smokes and who doesnt is not so intresting cuz we are in year 2005,annything can happend....but i still kinda like this topic :p

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sorry cutebeatriz, but i found on some forum that ana is doing crack...

she lost lot of weight very quickly...

but ana is my fav model so i hope that were just rumours...


:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

noooooooo why??

oh, I mean she sometimes looks too skiny, but not always I mean oh I don't know, when you admire someone it is hard to be objective about them....

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