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Camilla Akrans


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It wasn't very easy to find infos about Camilla, but with Joline's help I managed to find something :)

Thanks Joline :flower: :hug:

The Swedish starphotographer Camilla Akrans is one of the biggest names when the houses of fashion is picking a photographer to shoot there ad campaigns. 33 year old Camilla Akrans has done several big ad campaigns and she has also won a the prestigefilled ELLE adward as the best photographer 2006.

info from http://www.fashionguide.se/blog/2007/07/he...milla-krans.asp

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Vogue Nippon August 2008

And the bride wore black

Model: Anna Maria Jagodzinska

scanned and posted by Coccojanna at bwgreyscale, posted by mikel at tfs:

post-5680-0-1446016159-20355_thumb.jpg post-5680-0-1446016159-66144_thumb.jpg post-5680-0-1446016160-15722_thumb.jpg post-5680-0-1446016160-7736_thumb.jpgpost-5680-0-1446016161-52584_thumb.jpg post-5680-0-1446016162-06284_thumb.jpg th_04811_Image0046_122_251lo.JPGpost-5680-0-1446016162-44254_thumb.jpg

Please do not post images/thumbnails side by side totaling more than 600 pixels in width. Thanks! ~post edited by PinkCouture

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I love her work. She is my favourite photographer. Thanks Layla

you're welcome Joline

Camilla is slowly growing on me, mainly after this Anna edit I guess :)

I will try to put some other photoshoots soon.

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She is God!! her work is fantastic, great she has a thread here, merci layla :heart::flower:

i'll post some of her great work when i'll have time <3

We should also thank our lovely moderators for creating photographers subforum :)

Anja has many eds by Camilla :shifty:

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