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Anja Rubik


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This dress is just as bad as Anne V's 'whore' outfit to the Grammy Awards :cain: just because the dress is long doesn't make the whole look elegant. I really don't need to see evidence she waxes :cain:

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New Angelina leg rival. Must've been nerve-wracking walking in that, but with a nice breeze. :whistle:

The slit was ridiculous (mid-thigh would've been just fine), but otherwise I love the white against her skin, the dress' flow and cut, her hair, the jewelry, her shoes, etc. I think she was a stand-out, even if for the wrong reason.

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ahhh! anja...whyyy? I know the met gala was a few days ago but that dress. Eek. Trash. and sure she may have gotten press, but IMO... people that hold the philosophy that all press is good press, are likely to be the kardashians of the world. No tact.

Anja can do much better! But then again... this isn't the first time she has dressed inappropriately for an event, won't be the last. I still can't get over her dreadful vegas chapel wedding 'dress'

All that said, the pic with Anja and karolina hugging...:wub: oooh KK...stole the night.

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heeey Vidders out there!

I'm doing a collab video about the VS Models if you want be part of it here are the rules


+ This collab video is about the VICTORIA'S SECRET MODELS only (Every model that walked on the Vs Fashion Show

+ Choose only 1 model to make your part

+ Every part is about a diferent model

+ The one that first comment about the part and model that want is taking

+ Feel free to use your own colloring and effects


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