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Anja Rubik


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Natasha Poly and Anja Rubik Involved in a Crazy Brawl with Angel Jessica Hart

Let's see. A brawl that broke out this weekend at Double Seven in the Meatpacking District, and it starred lots of models and lots of high profile male socialites. Let's try to break down the players and the scant details available to see if that helps us understand how this very elite crew found themselves embroiled in such an unsavory incident.


JESSICA HART: Victoria's Secret model

NATASHA POLY: Top editorial model

ANJA RUBIK: Top editorial model

VALENTINA ZELYAEVA: Top editorial model

PETER BAKKER: Natasha Poly's husband, Dutch businessman

ADAM HOCK: Businessman

STAVROS NIARCHOS: Jessica Hart's boyfriend, former Paris Hilton beau

PIERRE CASIRAGHI: Prince of Monaco, son of Princess Caroline, grandson of Grace Kelly, friend of Stavros Niarchos



Natasha, Anja, Valentina, Peter, and Adam were seated together at Double Seven around 2 AM this Saturday.

Jessica approached, started taunting the other models.

The situation somehow escalated into a full-blown fight. For some reason, Hock ended up punching Casiraghi, Niarchos, and Roitfeld, possibly breaking Casiraghi's jaw (the Prince was rushed to the hospital) and was later charged with four counts of assault.

Outside of the club, seemingly after everything went down, someone overheard Jessica flipping her middle finger and screaming at Natasha: “Your husband’s a loser! F—k you!”

Last night, Jessica Hart sent out two Tweets, presumably commenting on the situation:

Jessica Hart @1JessicaHart

Ha! Its going to be so pleasurable when the truth does come out and he's exposed as the freaky liar he is.

Jessica Hart @1JessicaHart

Although, I have to say, I am getting a little pleasure watching him run to the press, squirming and lying in desperation.

source: NY post via Fashion Spot :wave:

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^I've read that Anja wasn't even there. She tweeted that she was in another country. :rofl: Talk about credible sources.

Balmain F/W 12.13 Milan She looks good here, has she gained some weight?

post-19430-0-1446132310-75193_thumb.jpg post-19430-0-1446132310-78332_thumb.jpg


I don`t know, she looks same to me :wave:


Emilio Pucci Milan FW 2008-09 Backstage


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