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Short Runway Models


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irina lazareanu is listed in many websites as 5'9.5" / 176.5 cm

this is her next to lindsay listed as 5 ft 4.75 in (164 cm) in celebheights.com I tend to round lindsay's height to 5'5 anyway both are wearing flats (ignore the dumb yellow comments haters put there)


irina is wearing flats here I think & lidsay heels they look like the same height....


here >>>Jamd.com she is looks shorter than Karl Lagerfeld (anyone know his height). I estimate Irina's height to be really 5'7.5 anyone else thinks so

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There is a candid picture of Alessandra Ambrosio backstage at a VS fashion show standing next to Morgane Dubled. Alessandra is in 4-inch heels and Morgane is bare-footed and they are the SAME height. I've seen that Alessandra is listed as 5'9 or 5'10 by many sites. Morgane is listed as 5'11 on many sites, so that would make Alessandra maybe 5'8 TOPS.

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here are the heights in cm

5'= 152 cm

5'1= 155 cm

5'2= 177 cm

5'3= 160 cm

5'4= 163 cm

5'5= 165 cm

5'6= 168 cm

5'7= 170 cm

5'8= 173 cm

5'9= 175 cm

5'10= 178 cm

5'11= 180 cm

6'= 183 cm

6'1= 185 cm

6'2= 188 cm

6'3= 191 cm

And for all of your other...

5'7.5= 171 cm

5'8.5= 174 cm

5'9.5= 177 cm

5'10.5= 179 cm

5'11.5= 181 cm

oh and another thing please post pictures it makes it easier to see the difference on peoples heights

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if Irina was really 5'9.5 she wouldn't look so short to 178 cm (5 ft 10 in) freja Beha...



during their casual wear both always were sneakers/flats & Irina always looks way shorter also her standing next to 5'9 sean lennon...

post-18431-1214000519_thumb.jpgpost-18431-1214000532_thumb.jpg post-18431-1214066798_thumb.jpg

I still think Irina is really 5'7.5= 171 cm

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about Alessandra being short: she looks the Tallest here, all models wearing the same height heel, she is definitely taller than Selita and Bianca, even Gisele. there is no way she is a "short" model. although considering most models have super long legs I guess for a model hers are "short" which can give the illusion that she is not as tall as most models, these pictures proves that theory all wrong though

actually ale's head pops up further than any others, even with her legs crouched down :ninja: maybe she is taller than we think



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:wave: hey guys if you really want to figure out a models real height find a pic of them standing next to a celebrity & get the celebritie's height from this website celebheights.com it's the most accurate since the guy (5'8) Glenn who runs the website meets up with celebs. & takes pics. next to them

in his website paris hilton is listed as 5'7 (170cm)

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Lindsay Lohan is 5'5" to 5'6". Irina is wearing flats or shorter heals and Lindsay is definitely wearing heals. Irina is probably 5'7" to 5'8". She is an inch or two taller than Lindsay. Its not like Lohan is taller than her in either picture

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