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  1. can someone add a pic on his Wikipedia page
  2. V magazine #49 by Mario Sorrenti source: tfs
  3. height: 185.42 cm/6 ft 1 in. Chest 39 waist: 30" / 76.2 cm hips: n/a shoes: 8.5 hair color: Light Brown eye color: green Bumped into him at models.com he has an upcoming photography project with V magazine There's a video at models.com
  4. For now this is the list ... - Adriana - Alessandra - Izabel - Karolina - Selita - Marisa - Heidi - Miranda - Doutzen - Clara Alonso - Candice - Emanuela - Behati - Flavia There's 16 names that we don't know yet hahahaha WOW 16 names I can't wait to know who they are I'm most excited about the newbies in the show!!!
  5. I haven't seen those backstage getty pics thanks
  6. found these at her myspace the first three look like test shots from a while back and the last two are new
  7. hehehe yeah but the more I see the vdo the more I'm convince it was her. If only that model wasn't covering her :anger: it's bugging me...
  8. Okay you guys maybe this is just me wishful thinking but do you guys think this is Daniela? stop at 1:02...she has her hair pulled back in a bun It looks like it could be her even if you can't see her face because the other model is leaning forward blocking her :persuazn: but the skin color and hair color and even head shape matched Daniela's Could this be her at the VS casting for the Runway Dec. 3!!! Victoria Secrect Casting vdo Sneak-Peek
  9. anen87


    I Gemma wards green eyes I wish I had them...
  10. Does anyone know who is going to be the New models walking the runway on the next VS show? Is there a list? casting rumors? Sorry I'm just not aware first time here
  11. those Tom Ford ads are wow I really like that pic of her in that flower dress she looks so cute
  12. I like her one of my favorite short models
  13. There's a bunch of polaroids of her in 'The Ones 2 Watch' website as well as a casting video her accent sounds funny she's cute http://theones2watch.com/models/profiles/w...elvira-khisaeva 2-6-08
  14. Thanks for the info I just found out about him recently I wish I knew about him sooner he's gorgeous!!!more pics
  15. Kris Van Assche / Backstage, Winter 2008
  16. these are the only vdos I found on him. He's beautiful
  17. He's name is Lee Graig he is English & that's all I know about him and just have this picture can anyone find more pics.
  18. I like this girl she was at Rock & Republic SS09 I love that dress^^^ what's holding it up
  19. Verrier Spring 2009 Collection at Fashion Week
  20. At the Marchesa Spring 2009 Show!!! source: www.zimbio.com
  21. Daniela in the Mara Hoffman Spring 2009 Show!!!
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